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Hello, I’m Brad. My wife Jackie and I welcome you to our blog site where we delve into the subject of personal intuition. What makes our intuition so valuable – especially now? Why do we feel it’s important enough to take our time writing about such an esoteric subject? It’s because we have come to realize personal intuition as one of the most valuable assets to hone at this time. No one can deny the changes that affect us all on a daily basis. We have to stay on top of our game or get consumed by it. A sharp, intuitive sense supports that.

With your comments and feedback, our site opens up discussions about what intuition is and ways to develop it. We talk with teachers who have specialized in intuitive thought and we share their guidance. We write about the many professional avenues that are using intuitive skills like medical intuitives and criminal investigative intuitives. At Persint we share tools and stories that aid in the development of this God-given gift.

We know one could argue that the whole of human history has been an interesting time, but . . . Jackie and I feel strongly that these are Divinely definitive times. Not in a religious or secular way, but in an all encompassing shift.

There I used the ‘S’ word. However else could NOW be so succinctly described? We are going through unprecedented experiences that we don’t have rational answers for, yet we believe we can, and are, guided by our innate sense of intuition.

Where do we turn? Our answer is; inward to the guidance of our Higher Nature – the intuitive sense that is available to us all. The apparent overall trajectory of planet earth is monumental. It’s a time to use all of our personal power tools, and personal intuition is at the helm.

Thank you for joining us at Presint. We enjoy the camaraderie and exchange of ideas. Be certain to leave a comment below any article.

Inward and Upward,

Jackie and Brad