Common Wedding Dilemmas and How to Handle Them

weddNo matter how hard we try to have a perfect wedding, there is still the possibility of experiencing slight flaws in the course of the event. There are issues, which could be minor or major, and may affect our mood for the day. However, a lot of wedding issues actually have their common culprits and common answers as well, so it is important to recognize the issue in order for you to know how to face it.

Financial Problem – Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding occasion, or a small thanksgiving party, having a sound financial status can technically help you have an enjoyable and successful gathering. Let’s face it; money is very important in order to book with the right vendor or buy the right items for the event. However, if you think that your money is not enough for your wedding day, you can either choose a date when you can probably have more money to add in your savings or find ways to borrow money from lending institutions or from relatives and colleagues. If you choose the latter, make sure that you can repay them in due time. On the one hand, if you choose the former, always tell your partner about it. If he/she does not want to move the date, then you might have to settle for ways to cut down expenses like getting free help, opting for a wedding favor cum dessert, sending invitations electronically, and borrow wedding dresses.

The Guest List – Should you invite your office mates or just your best friends in the office? Should you invite all your extended family or just those whom you’ve constant communication with? Indeed, making the guest list can be quite difficult. It can be time-consuming especially if you have lots of friends and quite frustrating if you don’t have enough money for a grand celebration to accommodate all of them. When making your guest list, always prioritize your family first, then your extended family including cousins, and best friends and colleagues. If you plan of inviting a coworker, might as well invite one whom you consider your best friend. Don’t worry; the rest of them will understand your situation. Meanwhile, it is okay not to invite extended family members whom you have no contact with for years, but never do this with your siblings and parents.

The Food – Before you think of the cuisines that you love to have on your wedding day, you should first think on your guests. Will your big day be filled with kids or with elderly? Do you have loved ones on special diet? These factors are necessary in order to choose the best foods for your invitees. You can also choose for a buffet dining with a mixture of different cuisines for everyone to enjoy their gastronomic experience on your wedding day.


Different Tips in Selecting the Wedding Cake

wedding cakeIn any wedding celebration, wedding cakes serve to be the highlight of the occasion. Some couples wanted to have their wedding cakes as long as the stairs of their house, while others would want it simple in a one-layer wedding cake. However, whatever may be the length or size of the cake, one important thing that matters is that, it is the cake of your choice and it have to perfectly complete your wedding day.

There are certainly lots of couples nowadays who are busy when it comes to preparing and planning their wedding. That is why, some couples already lack time in putting attention with selecting or making their perfect wedding cake. In that case, you have to set your mind first into your priority for your wedding, and make sure, wedding cake is on top of the priority lists.

There are now lots of cake designers that you can consider, and all you have to do is to pick for the best design that would be suitable for the wedding motif. Here are some of the best tips that you can try on in picking out for the best wedding cake.


  • First look for some cake magazines. This should be the first thing that you can do when selecting the wedding cake for your day. Magazines will give you some pictures and sample and therefore, you can make a good idea on what is definitely the look of your cake for your wedding. There are also certain websites online which will help you decide on the designs of the cake through their picture galleries.

  • Choose the design that you love. There are now numerous designs and styles of cakes that you can have for the wedding; however, you have to select the best among the rest of those beautiful cakes. Normally, the design will matter with the icing decoration and other accessories for the cakes. Anyone can choose to have a five-layered chiffon cake, a heart-shaped cake, or even a stairway-look for a wedding cake.

  • Select the best cake accessories. Wedding cakes will never be complete without those cake accessories and decorations. Therefore, you also have to look for those accessories and ask the cake designer to include it on the final wedding cake for your day.

These are the most basic things that you have to consider in order for you to select the most perfect wedding cake of your wedding.

My Wedding Planning


Wedding planning is never easy, especially if you got everything covered from day one up to the wedding event. Shopping for the needed bridal party dresses, booking from one vendor to another, and basically rendering extra time at night to go through your daily accomplishments can be really stressful. Sure, the experience can be demanding, but it’s one of the biggest events in your lifetime, so it should not be entrusted to someone who doesn’t likely feel the same excitement as you do. At least, that is what I thought, so me and my hubby did our wedding preparations all by ourselves. Thankfully, offered help is quite a handful, which makes it breezier and more meaningful.

Without wasting time, we immediately created a timetable. It’s similar to a diary and a calendar of activities with which each date is filled with tasks. And, because scheduling and organization is our forte and hobbies, we found the timetable pretty easy to create and follow. Four months prior to the wedding day, we first talked about the date, time, and venue of the wedding day. We considered weekend to be the perfect day as we picked a church wedding for the ceremony. After that, we made a list of our chosen guests. We only picked immediate family and relatives and selected pals who are very close to our hearts. The number of guests is an important consideration when choosing the venue for the nuptials and the reception. Once we have already set the date, time, and venue, we immediately went to our chosen during the first weekend of the start of the wedding preparation. We talked to the personnel in charge, paid fees and dues, and submitted the needed requirements.
During the engagement period, we already started getting recommendations from trusted individuals about reception sites, making it easier for us to narrow our choices. We researched online for the names of vendors who have the most recommendations, checked feedback, and studied their products and services. We then came up with our top two choices, made booking appointments with their management, and visited their sites physically. We made sure to allot a few hours for this aspect because we need to know if our guests will fit the area, if its setting matches our needs and preferences, and if the spot is beautiful enough to do away with heavy decors. We always keep in mind not to indulge with expensive decors and do it on our own. After all, we got an offered help from our cousins, and I also got an inspiration from an online source.

After we picked the reception site, we proceeded to the next issue – the bridal dresses and the entourage’s outfits. We had the most laughs in this part because most of my girls are quite shy about wearing strapless dresses. In the end, I was able to convince them that they looked stunning in my chosen bridesmaid dresses. My gown was a Vera Wang-inspired mermaid wedding dress and I had it tailored for me. I ordered two bridesmaid gowns and a flower girl dress from, which arrived in a month. We still had two months to have it altered, so there were no signs of rush, and everything fit perfectly on them. For the boys, we bought a semi-formal top, similar to that of my husband’s, as all of them provided their own black pants.
Three months prior to the wedding, we started ordering our ring bands, buying our shoes and accessories, and making the invitation. Thanks to Adobe, I had the invitation sent online. We personally sent the invitation to guests who don’t have email accounts to be sure that they’ll receive it. We got our two-tiered cake from a reputable bakeshop in the locality along with 50 cupcakes as our wedding favor. Two months before the big day, I started collecting the needed materials for the centerpieces and the decors. I mostly had tulle, beads, ribbons, organza, baskets, marbles, bowls, and scented candles to complete the centerpiece. We do away from too many flowers to keep it within the budget and we basically spent about $200 only for the decors.

On the big day, offered help poured. A gal pal did my hair and makeup as well as the bridesmaids’. My husband’s mom made two dessert;, my cousins helped me do the centerpieces; my hubby’s bro operated the laptop for the music during the wedding and the reception; his cousin was the photographer and the driver; and we only used my dad’s car. Thanks to all these offered help, we were able to save much and keep our budget for the wedding. With about 50 guests, two venues, tailored bridal gown, and discounted catering service, we were only able to shell out less than $4000 for everything. Everybody was comfortable, satisfied with the food, and happy during our inexpensive, yet very organized wedding. Indeed, wedding management is really all about time management.

Urban Fashion Trends in the Year 2013


As Christmas rapidly approaches followed by the New Year’s celebration, it means that 2013 is nearly upon us. A fresh year calls for a number of new things, particularly if you would like to look your finest at the same time as flaunting your flair at the skate park. Here is a swift gaze at a quantity of the most excellent urban outfits and street fashion for the year 2013.

It can possibly be enticing to peek ahead to the approaching new year and stop thinking that the first few months are notwithstanding going to be a little chilly and damp. Having that in concentration, you are probably going to yearn for something balmy; hence you can stay outdoors without having to feel despondent in relation to it. Parkas are constantly trendy. There are a number of wonderful latest ones by brands like Dunderdon and Carhartt that in fact unite fashion and reasonableness. Penfield are making a lot of fine coats at this moment in time too counting their brand of ‘Rockwool’ wool that goes with a sleeveless vest adaptation if such is more in appropriate with your kind of style and personal taste.

Hats will also touchdown totally helpful over the approaching months as well. Fortunately, nice beanies are actually painless to locate and they are low-priced as well. Most brands of street wears, comprised of the brands such as Carharrt, HUF, and Obey, manufacture a complete assortment of terrific beanies. Thus, getting hold of the exact one will not be too difficult.

Certainly, when a person looks forward to subsequent year, he or she looks further than the following few months as soon as the sun is exposed and he or she is able to expend all day under the sunbeams, as he or she hangs out with their chums and working with their tricks. It is about time to look at the forefront. A single brand that sure has you covered this approaching spring and summer of the year 2013 is nonetheless Obey. This particular brand has masses of truly great apparel such as t-shirts having a wide array of eye-catching designs. Obey specializes in hip urban wear. Their such as the “Jail Guitar Doors,” “Evil Eye,” and “Rise Above” specifically genuinely show up as the reasonably thing that will surely appear to be great at any skate park.