Learn to Listen

28 Jul by Marty

Learn to Listen

I was standing in front of the $800,000 house that the owner was willing to sell for $650,000, and my intuition was telling me to walk away. On the other hand, my two potential business partners are touting the benefits of the deal. They envisioned a $90K profit to be split 3 ways.

Barry who had been in the real estate business for over 25 years and knew the neighborhood well, said we couldn’t go wrong. Ryan, a water heater repair specialist agreed wholeheartedly. I was a real estate rube, but it was me who brought the property to the table in the first place.

In 2007 I sold a thriving franchise operation for more money than I ever thought I’d see at such an early age. Soon afterwards I dabbled in fix and flip properties, but had never paid more than $150,000 for an investment house. Often putting only around $30,000, or less into repairs, I could get the house fixed up and turned around (flipped) in 4 to 6 weeks for a $15 – 20,000 profit. Life was good, but then it wasn’t.

Back to the $800K property. I clearly recall the moment, the place I was standing – even the shoes I was wearing when my intuition said, “Don’t do it”. Why didn’t I listen? Why didn’t I trust the voice inside my head more than the two relative strangers standing beside me with all their persuasive chatter?

I have come to know that it’s not uncommon for any of us to blow off good advice – no matter where it comes from. As I’ve gained in years, I’ve also gained in awareness and at this point I certainly give my intuition more floor time than any other influencer out there.

To make a miserably long story short, I lost my shirt on the $800K house when the housing market went belly up, and my two partners bailed. “It was all in the timing.” However, there was a part of me that knew before I ever entered into the deal that I would lose big time. A very expensive lesson when it came to not listening to my personal intuition. I’m still in financial recovery mode from the hit I took – and that was years ago.

The importance of honing the voice that is within each and every one of us can mean the difference between life and death – financial, physical, emotional. Our intuition is our higher self, the part of us with the 30,000 foot view. Our intuition was given to us to help guide us when it comes to maneuvering around this often challenging world, yet many of us are unaware of this gift.

A gift, yes, but just like a hand or a leg is a gift. It comes with the package. We are born with an innate knowing of what is best for us. As infants we are at the mercy of primal needs, and adults fulfilling those needs. But as we grow, discernment takes over. Well-meaning adults have a tendency to circumvent a child’s intuitive sense by thinking they always know what’s best for the younger one. After all their intuitions have likely been compromised as they’ve grown as well. Typically, after a while, the child begins to believe what he/she is being told by the people outside of itself as the only source, and the guiding voice within is muffled.  grumpy baby

In the world as we know it, we could not have a better friend than our intuition. Learning how to grow our intuitive self along with our physical self can make life changing differences as we navigate our way to the life we want for our self and our loved ones.

Intuition never leaves us, so if yours is not center stage, learn more about how to put it into a leading role. Take time to nurture, feed and trust. Most importantly when intuition speaks – listen.