The Brain and Intuition

13 Jul by Marty

The Brain and Intuition

Personal intuition comes in many forms. Some hear a voice in their head and others are cued through the sights around them. The trick is to pay attention. When you are seeking answers the Universe will bend over backwards to guide you. It’s up to you to read the signs and that’s where personal intuition comes in.

Stories abound of people who say “if only I had followed my gut”. It happens to us all at some time in our lives. Like the time I wanted to start my own business tree trimming Kansas City MO or the time we approach that beautiful girl/guy who seems to have a magic spell over us. It’s not always easy to pick-up on the guidance with what feels like traveling cranes wheeling back forth, dumping indiscriminate pieces of information into our mind all day long.

Well the dumping takes place in all parts of the brain, but we can choose what to give importance to and what to store away for another day. Employing the bits that keep us alive is generally what we find ourselves doing. Many of us are just robotically going about the day on autopilot. It’s equivalent to never putting down your cell phone or getting off the computer. We need to check in with our real self to get a fuller experience of the events around us.

We have been taught that we only use 10% of our brain. At this point with more advanced discoveries of modern science, this statement now ranks as an urban myth. The original conclusion was drawn by researchers who saw that only 10% of the human think center was made up of neurons. They concluded, in error, that the other 90% made up of Glial Cells was functioning only as support tissue. For decades the brain hasn’t been given its just due. Typical of researchers who are entrenched in a system, they did not readily see outside a paradigm.

But more and more studies are showing up on the various functions of the brain. Studies of the Super Conscious mind are holding far more credibility than ever before. This is home of personal intuition. While some would argue that intuition is a product of the heart or even the gut, its processing department is the Super Conscious.

The left side of the brain is dominant in working with words, numbers, lines, lists, logic and analysis. While the right side of the brain dominates areas to do with rhythm, color, shapes, maps, imagination and daydreaming. Combining attributes from both hemispheres enables us to fire on all cylinders when tackling any task.

What is needed when expanding our intuitive skills is to make a point of paying attention to how we can use both sides of the brain. Allowing our Super Conscious to lead in much of our decision making is inviting our full brain to participate.

Our intuitive self loves to send and receive. Daydreaming is one way to let our mind run freely. Intuition loves the sense of freedom and the excursions that daydreams take us on. Daydreams can bolster the strength and input of intuitive thinking. Bubbling to the top of mind might come a brilliant idea unencumbered by the realities of the mundane. Once again playing from our Super Conscious the intuition is able to express itself to our advantage.

When giving something attention it flourishes. Let one aspect of your Super Conscious mind, the intuition, thrive in its rightful and natural manner to make healthier, wiser choices.

Leave me a comment below. What has been your experiences with your intuition?